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>>/int/2645 And this is the hugest truth bomb of all. I was made to be put in this little girl's body. Of course, she was blonde, as they
>>/int/2644 I also seen demons putting on a puppet show, where human children watched as they used dead fetuses and merianettes. They have t
>>/int/2643 They get these children from orphanges all around the world, however, they have a HUGE pereference for children from the Ukraine
>>/int/2642 In another vision, one that particularly hurts me to this day, I saw a little, blonde naked baby. She was holding her private pa
>>/int/2641 Jewish people are a literal race of vampiric blood-consuming zombies. The elite, Jewish globalist communist bankers are the m
>>/int/2640 >>2639 He should have wear the nigger muzzle
>>/b/4775 https://www.youtube.com/c/HenrydeLesquenofficiel/videos
>>/int/2639 https://archive.is/oRGPw I found something, they gave an ape what it deserved for claiming to be a music producer.
>>/wp/750 If Nazis and Communists both support wars, debt, and tyranny, what's the difference?
>>/b/4774 On dirait un dialogue de Deus Ex c'est quoi ce larp tout pourri lmao


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