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(491.47 KB 1333x888 fat-thor.jpg)
Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 05:41:30 No. 1151 [Reply]
Americans hates men. They cut their dick when a baby. They forbid them to keep their natural male (long) hair and beard. They promote shaved body hair like a small child. American culture, the current dominant culture, is a destroyer of masculinity. But there is hope: grow back your hair and punish those who mutilate baby dicks!
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>>1151 They use babies dicks to make wrinkles creams. They think they are so smart and shit.
>>1154 >Mass media entertainements Aquaman like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash and many others comics all share a similar background.
(250.30 KB 3200x1680 tom.jpg)
>>1156 Yeah, in cuck terms "at least it's not wasted". lol >>1157 >share a similar background Of course, mass media is a good indicator of what is considered normalcy. Spiderman is another good example. Young, short and cleanly shaved (or no hair) boy looking spiderman. Thor and Aquaman are of "mature age". They are allowed to keep the beard/long hair. But young males? They are completely forbidden to do that! If you are 18 and have a long beard, people will tell you "it makes you old" or negative remarks. Men can have beards as soon after puberty, but we rarely see it, because looking like a feminine boy as long as possible is the norm.

(48.01 KB 344x512 7bc.jpg)
Anonyme Admin 03/02/2020 (Mon) 12:41:19 No. 1060 [Reply]
Sorry if I inadvertently deleted someone post, had to remove a bunch of automated spams.
>>1060 keep working hard janny wagie, you're doing it for free

Anonyme 03/03/2020 (Tue) 21:30:15 No. 1070 [Reply]
>>1071 I enjoy touching my goldfish with my penis.
(11.49 KB 300x250 bYf39eO5dn-8.png)
>>1107 same

(49.18 KB 700x600 logo.jpg)
OceanChan hello Anonyme 03/01/2020 (Sun) 23:54:49 No. 421 [Reply]
Hello from OceanChan. I don't data-mine/rulecuck. Access URLs: https://oceanchan.xyz http://ocnchantkkzisixl.onion
il potere non
The government banned alcohol and when crime rose, the government outlawed guns.

Anonyme 02/22/2020 (Sat) 01:04:44 No. 409 [Reply]
Everything you think you know is a lie.
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>>410 you wish faggot
>>410 >>411 Now kiss
>>413 That's fucking gay, I think you meant KYS

(463.06 KB 1225x850 1424441248041.png)
Anonyme 01/21/2020 (Tue) 23:09:11 No. 277 [Reply]
In the name of Sultan Erdowan, I take this imageboard into Ottoman Sultanate territory
>>277 Welcome my Turkish friends! You might be spared in the next crusade to take back Constantinople, but only if you reply "I love eating Gyros" to this post.
(22.57 KB 700x415 babushka.jpg)
>>278 I love Kebab
>>278 fak off

>>160 Why don't you migrate to Lynxchan tbh fam? >inb4 just build it all from scratch
Board creation, no LynxChan https://infinity-san.danwin1210.me
(96.47 KB 407x405 true4.jpg)
>>403 >danwin1210 So you're bulding a whole imageboard from scratch because?

(937.43 KB 588x533 reee.gif)
Anonyme 01/19/2020 (Sun) 05:05:27 No. 243 [Reply]
I fucking hate whites because they can't stop doing 3 things: sucking nigger dick, licking minge, and bashing their own race. Fucking niggers literally cannot stop insulting nazis and worshipping w*men and niggers. I mean idgaf about your self mutilation and masochist fetish... as long as i'm not aware of it, but fucking whitoids broadcast it. I go to the internet to have, I don't know, intellectual discussion when a tranny makes a thread about how much of a fag he is and how white males are evil. WHY THE FUCK DO WHITE PEOPLE DO THIS? >hurr yikes yeetnot all niggers are bad, women deserve respect, yeet yikes owo i love anime owo look at my avatar owo yikes yeet i hate germans and fascism and violence and love to suck cock yikes yeet durr I DON'T GIVE A FUCK YOU LOVE NIGGERS AND HATE WHITES, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT YOU FUCKING WHITOID!
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You are fucking paranoid, dude. I was just shitposting
(90.57 KB 1497x843 11379219.jpg)
>>400 No you, I was the one shitposting in the first place.
>>243 Whites people are good, they could never hurt no one.

(11.69 KB 200x197 200px-Pelevin.jpg)
Anonyme 02/06/2020 (Thu) 18:01:16 No. 341 [Reply]
Board/thread flooding, spamming, wiping out old threads/posts, any imageboards, any requests. email: fn_[email protected] XMPP/Jabber: Fn_[email protected]
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(79.24 KB 388x389 1552006499531.png)
>>362 It's a typical chan for trannies who think they are anime girls. The anti spam features is pretty high level tbh, I think a lot of peoples messed with them in the past lmao
>>362 >>365 It's something even worse than trannies. They are, may Allah forgive me for even uttering the word, w*men.
>>341 are you from bernd.group?

Anonyme 02/13/2020 (Thu) 22:34:50 No. 378 [Reply]
26 years old loser here, just lost my virginities over the course of this week; I don't get it why /r9k/ says it's hard. All I had to do was harvest polen from a flower and turn it into honey myself
(661.77 KB 2048x1536 1580677886743.jpg)
>>378 to pay.


no cookies?