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(491.47 KB 1333x888 fat-thor.jpg)
Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 05:41:30 No. 1151
Americans hates men. They cut their dick when a baby. They forbid them to keep their natural male (long) hair and beard. They promote shaved body hair like a small child. American culture, the current dominant culture, is a destroyer of masculinity. But there is hope: grow back your hair and punish those who mutilate baby dicks!
PS: Fat thor is a perfect example of how american people view natural men (long hair/beard). They view them as "dirty and neglected". That's why they assimilate it to being overweight (as being overweight is self-neglect). In the movie, it is played off as a joke/comedy. The funny "neglected depressed Thor". In reality, a real man owns his natural body; hair is perfectly natural and fine. Women hide behind make-up and shaving to not show their ugliness. A natural real man would only select the least hairy women because more hair = more masculine looking = not feminine = ugly. That's why shaving is promoted by women the most so that ugly hairy women can still copulate.
(207.72 KB 1200x1200 image.jpg)
What about AquaMan? To pull it off, they decided to go a for a shorter and trimmed beard than a natural long beard. The hair also is a bit shorter and trimmed than a natural long hair. It's considered "long and wild" by modern standards. In cuck terms, "it's better than nothing". Although, the real reason they managed to pull it off is that they characterized AquaMan as anti-social and wild, spending time alone in the ocean as a lone wolf doing his AquaMan things. So again, there is this negative connotation that natural (long) hair/beard = anti-social. With Thor, it was "neglected". With AquaMan it was "anti-social". Although they play on it as they are the heroes. They use the card of "depression/neglect or anti-sociality is sexy because it shows their humanness". They know Mr. Perfect is not trendy anymore so they tried to add "flaws" to the heroes. And here "natural long hair/beard" is considered as a "lovable flaw". Of course, it is also because they are good looking actors that they are allowed to do that. All of that to say, they subtly enforce a negative stigma around natural masculinity (long hair/beard). Natural masculinity should be considered as normal/the norm.
>>1151 They use babies dicks to make wrinkles creams. They think they are so smart and shit.
>>1154 >Mass media entertainements Aquaman like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash and many others comics all share a similar background.
(250.30 KB 3200x1680 tom.jpg)
>>1156 Yeah, in cuck terms "at least it's not wasted". lol >>1157 >share a similar background Of course, mass media is a good indicator of what is considered normalcy. Spiderman is another good example. Young, short and cleanly shaved (or no hair) boy looking spiderman. Thor and Aquaman are of "mature age". They are allowed to keep the beard/long hair. But young males? They are completely forbidden to do that! If you are 18 and have a long beard, people will tell you "it makes you old" or negative remarks. Men can have beards as soon after puberty, but we rarely see it, because looking like a feminine boy as long as possible is the norm.

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