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Jesus Christ. The financial system is collapsing, the food supply is collapsing, hyperinflation is coming, guns and ammo are wiped out, and military martial law plans have been leaked. Why didn't anyone warn people that wars, debt, and tyranny always end badly?
Even if I think hes pretty bad for his own people, and that he use to work for the KGB, I think his answer is the best if he is truly innocent. Europeans governors, even if they're more powerful, would have give a shitty answer sounding like they are the hackers themselves...
>>1385 Welcome to cyberpunk 'n' anarchy 101, kiddo.
>>1371 I like the Asian guy in the front. Old but cute type of stuff.
Americans think that they are rebels because they are immoral and have tattoos, but maybe the elites want Americans to be immoral since immoral people are easier to blackmail and control.

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