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(69.35 KB 600x360 opennic.jpg)
Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:37:30 No. 1550
Get your free domain name at https://www.opennic.org/ >Looking for an open and democratic alternative DNS root? Concerned about censorship? >OpenNIC might be the solution for you! You can get a bunch of fancy domain names for free, but they are only accessible from their DNS.
Americans used to fight Commies and Nazis, but now have become Commies and Nazis. Americans scream that trade wars are good and then are stunned when prices rise and exports fall. Americans are so batshit insane now that they demand regulations and then are shocked when prices rise and the economy dies. When the regulations and trade wars kill the economy, Americans demand welfare and bailouts, but do not have the mental capacity to understand why taxes increase. Americans insist there must be wars, but then Americans are surprised that wars lead to debt, refugees, tyranny, and terrorism. Americans say Obama was an evil asshole for supporting wars, debt, and tyranny, but then turn around and say Trump is a holy god for embracing wars, debt, and the police state. Americans want everything to be illegal, but are dumbfounded that crime increases and prisons become overcrowded.

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