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Anonymous 04/12/2020 (Sun) 22:10:58 No. 1749
How to use the tor browser without tor proxies? You just have to change the configs parameters below. about:config extensions.torlauncher.start_tor; false network.proxy.socks_remote_dns; false network.proxy.type; 5 extensions.torbutton.use_nontor_proxy; true This works on last version at current date, this is subject to changes. The point of using the tor browser without the tor ips is to hide your user agent while browsing certains website with a vpn or proxy. Some websites can blacklist tor ips, using the tor browser with a vpn can bypass those securities while keeping you safe as you'll share the same user agent as many users around the world, making tracking way more complicated. https://www.torproject.org/download/ If you have already tor installed, get a second install specifically for this purpose and avoid running both at the same time.
>>1749 You can check that this works by looking at your engine fingerprint on this website; https://amiunique.org/ JavaScript can still gives a lot of information about your engine, this solution might not be 100% perfect but sufficient for most cases.

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