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(7.30 KB 121x200 157876872613.jpg)
Сап аноны Anonyme 01/11/2020 (Sat) 21:15:25 No. 179
Анон, знаю что ты не гондон. Не бросишь в беде. Я очень много много лет мечтаю только о еде. Закончился сахар и чая увы нет , и помощи жать неоткуда. Братишка выручай. Склоняю голову перед твоей волей. Карта ВТБ: 5368)-2900)-8526)-8029) или ЯД: 410018988639796 . Это неприятно , это край. Но выхода нет. Поверь.
>>179 Good luck my Russian friend, I hope you'll survive the winter.
>>179 Help me bro for food
>>181 Did you know that the principle of photosynthesis is applicable to humans of whom the heart is pure? You think you need money to buy food to survive cause you're trapped in a mechanical illusion that use your forces to feed itself. I followed a simple ebook and now I don't need to eat anymore, only the sun is enough, it's only $20, the best investment of my life.
>>179 I understand you. Internet, humor, jokes. But I’m not kidding, I’ll be saved by a miserable 3 dollars. I beg you.
>>179 Thanks for the help pidaras fucking!
Just kill yourself.
Пошел на хуй дебил
(72.36 KB 501x604 1510704243758.jpg)
>>197 You mad Russian boï ?
(100.16 KB 735x587 1574455563060.jpg)
Maybe you can ask Putin why he put all the tax payers money on some illusory conflict instead of feeding his citizens? Russia, many such cases. >“Putin is rearming more rapidly and extensively than Hitler in the late 1930s.” http://upnorth.eu/the-estonian-defence-model-shoot-to-kill
(791.15 KB 1920x2115 me irl.jpg)
>>179 I tried to send 1 million dollar to this with my credit card >https://www.donationalerts.com/r/dmitry666666 but the site was too slow so I gave up
>>179 О, ебать, так я тя помню. ты ещё вилку в анус засунул год назад, и тоже бабло клянчил... ебать ты клоун!!!
>>1061 I think he is everywhere, I wonder if he ever collected some cash. Don't you have welfare in Russia?
You are a slave. The government and illegal aliens don't need to obey the law, but the government can forbid you from voting, having a bank account, traveling, going to the hospital, getting welfare, going to school, driving, working, starting a business, getting married, buying a house, and owning a gun. You must give the government your fingerprints and DNA. The government tells you where to live, what to eat, what to think, what to do, and what to wear. If you disobey the NWO, you will get an IRS audit, be arrested, tortured, or killed.

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