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Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 21:50:09 No. 1932
IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING IMMIGRATING TO BRAZIL: >>>>>> DON'T <<<<<<< Reasons: 1. We dont want you 2. We won't let you enter 3. Naturalization takes 15 years - then we deport you anyway 4. No Brazilian company will hire a mudskin like you 5. You lack the education to compete with locals 6. We will not rent housing to you, you will live on the streets being raped by Bolivians and Peruvians 7. Our cost of living is much higher than in your third world country 8. We have no welfare for you 9. We have no free healthcare for you 10. We will not let you build your fake god kike church 11. We are either catholic or non-religious, if you are not, you will never be hired or promoted If you're still thinking about emigrating to Brazil, might I suggest Paraguay instead. God bless, and don't come here. This is mostly addressed towards you ameripoors. You're not white. You're niggers on par with roaches, greeks, and arabs, you are not welcome here.:D
Wow. Having freedom doesn't mean that the country will be controlled by companies. You can boycott businesses, but governments that fail get larger. You can ignore companies, but the government will kill you, torture you, grope you, wiretap you, steal your property, or kidnap you if you ignore government decrees.

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