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(74.98 KB 680x680 EMbXvzvVUAAfgUX.jfif)
Anonyme 01/13/2020 (Mon) 14:37:14 No. 215
je connais francais
>>215 I know hindi
>>215 Connais-tu francais? Je connus francais.
(122.15 KB 1080x1350 1579297100069.jpg)
>>255 French is for sub humans, learn Italians if you want to know a true European language.
>>258 Ok Paolo, go back to making lotsa spaghetti and killing your brethren for La Cosa Nostra.
>>265 >a burgernigger baguette sympathizer this is just great
>>258 Op ha i complessi d' inferioritá, compatiamolo
>>258 Italians will continue to refuse to lead the European Empire for the next century at least. At least the French are going to try to stop the Germans suiciding the entire continent in the mean time.
(208.92 KB 960x960 lol europe.jpg)
>>270 >the French are going to try to stop the Germans You mean encouraging them and furnishing tools and funds to do it faster?
Je connais Top Kek! *throws pastries* TAUP KAYC!
(490.49 KB 680x644 taupe quèque.png)
>>272 Haut gateau
>>267 >>a burgernigger baguette sympathizer I'm a Cajun, mon ami

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