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(112.96 KB 1073x993 EclHVjgWsAAXZ9a.jpg)
Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 00:28:10 No. 2221
redpill me
>>2221 Not the first time they burn some tbh, there are some footages of this on liveleaks.
>>2223 Is there any /int/ where you don't lurk Suomiball?
>>2224 yeah
>>2225 Which ones?
>>2226 Magyarchan.net/i/
(115.48 KB 168x299 me irl.png)
>>2221 Looks like those Indonesians are deranged sadistic xenophobes brutalizing a poor innocent rapist who only needed some simple reeducation. They wanted nothing but cold, murderous revenge. I think Indonesia needs to answer for its human rights violations and repent by importing 4000 Somalians every year and providing them with housing, food, and communities until Somalia runs out of Somalians and there are no longer people to save. No need to thank me. I'm only being a decent fucking human being.
>>2256 Based
>>2256 Even the Islamic people that run from Myanmar is not exactly accepted here, not to mention most native hate the blacks living in Papua

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