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(92.84 KB 580x408 1588209909602.jpg)
Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 14:24:34 No. 2277
I drink like there's no tomorrow chugging whiskey and soda, shots, sangsom and soda, cut down on the beer because it makes you fat but still chug it in cambodia because of 0.50 cent happy hours, I wake up with some SE asian gook next to me most nights, dabbled with the ladyboy scene barfining ladyboy gogo dancers, had a gogo dancer want to be exclusive and had her friends stalk me all over pattaya and tried to make me move in with her and told me "she take care of me, no money i pay everything" then threatened to get me killed when i told her to fuck off, I unironically love adolf hitler and get the girls to sieg heil and say heil hitler while fucking them, even got the ladyboys to sieg heil in the gogo bar and the japs in the laughed. my life is ruined, i can never recover from the life i have lived, i am back in the UK due to corona chan and not drank since I have been back (i don't drink in the UK for some reason, mainly because tfw no friends here) but is the only thing left to do is fall on my sword? i've no doubt fathered some children with the flips I barebacked (fucked 100+ flips easily in my years of mongering), don't worry i take PrEp to avoid the aids. i'm tired lads, im a coomer sexpat... pic related they aren't even all that good looking most of the time, you do get some hot hapas and some good looking ones... i want to off myself.
(55.79 KB 500x559 1286999519545.jpg)
Offing yourself is a very logical conclusion from all that, what else is there to say?
>>2277 How in the hell do you impregnate a lady boy? This is beyond me, please explain.

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