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(34.01 KB 800x468 cclcPuHSu00.jpg)
Anonyme 01/15/2020 (Wed) 16:19:15 No. 230
I don't like american nation.
(368.45 KB 1000x885 moon.jpg)
>>230 Guess who is winning so far?
(3.71 MB 2000x1200 evidence.png)
>>231 The space race was won by the Russian nation. But I hate the Communists with all my heart. And so I hate the Germans and the British, who staged a revolution in Russia.
>>232 add the holocaust pics in there
deathwish for burgerkikes is a wholesome sentiment
(104.13 KB 290x340 gto.png)
>>233 Are Russians into monarchism? Also fuck Britts and fuck Germans
>>236 Yes, monarchism used to be quite popular in Russia, especially among the Russian nationalists. But now we are perceived as crazy. And the terrible and bloody times of the Jewish Communist occupation misses most of the population. These scum are not worthy to be called Russian. They are an unbeaten neosoviet nation. But among young people, right-wing ideologies are rapidly gaining popularity. Especially Russian Orthodox nationalism. And it pleases, you just have to remember that two years ago everywhere in my city there were those who were ridiculously (and, of course, at the direction of the Jews) trying to be like Western alt-raites, libertarians and left-liberals. What about french nation? How much grief we have endured over the 20th century. And what a touching friendship was between Russia and France! And what cultural ties! For example, we still have a lot of respect for Jules Verne (almost all Russians read "The children of Captain Grant"). Why don't you like the British? We are, of course, for the fact that they are the most unbearable, most unreasonably proud people of Western Europe. And you? You know, I really love Russia. This is not ironic. All these plains, meadows and rivers with commieblocks and terrible factories forever in my heart, but I happen to think: it would be nice to be born in France or Italy! So I imagine myself a winemaker in Bordeaux, which has its own ancient specialty of wine, a winery for several hectares, a large cellar with rats, a three-story wooden house and a beautiful wife, an Occitan. Is everything so romantic in France now, as I imagine?
(61.50 KB 711x399 maxresdefault.jpg.cf(3).jpg)
>>233 I saw this movie recently, it was nice.
>>237 I heard about thoses Russians who miss soviet times, I guess it's like some peoples missing jail, their is just rules you have to respect and everything is being taken care of by the institution. Some peoples just like a nanny government and the feeling of safety. In France we have tiny groups of monarchists, but honestly I have no ideas what are the political trends going on right now in France, it could be resumed as some kind of collective confusion. We still enjoy Russian ballet, literature and classic movies, we also like the coverage of the yellow vests by sputnik and Russia today. Some French entities seems hostile toward Russia, spreading some rumors like "Russian hackers" and Putin killing LGBT but I don't know why. In France we hate the brits cause they are responsible for lots of war and conflicts we didn't ask for, their food taste like shit and they have an odd mentality. France remains a beautiful country, full of wonders, beautiful women, tasty food and of course delicious wine. Is is still romantic? hmmm It changed a lot in the last 20 years but it's still the most beautiful country on earth.
>>239 I am glad to hear it. I always knew that we are close peoples. At the beginning of the 20th century, we sealed our union with French money and Russian financial obligations.
>>239 I only ask you, dear friend! Never think that what inhabited (and inhabits) Russia in the 20th and partly in the 21st century is Russians. These are not Russians. These are scoundrels without national memory, poor people with Stockholm syndrome. Real Russians understand the horror of what the Bolsheviks did in the 20th century.
>>239 As an American of mixed backgrounds.. I've noticed the Brits are seen as a watered down American or something. Is this true? What is odd about Brits in the eyes of mainland Europeans especially French? I'm seen as especially freaky wherever I go so please don't think I'm concerned to see Brits (or anyone) as normal
>>244 We hate anglos because they are the scum of this world.
(143.70 KB 800x1200 napopo.jpg)
>>244 pic related
>>236 >>248 Frog posters are the best, thank you dear neighbors.

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