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(37.79 KB 500x335 CARS 4_0.jpg)
(37.36 KB 500x349 CARS 1_0.jpg)
(22.32 KB 500x247 CARS 2_0.jpg)
Anonymous 08/14/2020 (Fri) 17:08:55 No. 2375
This is your average Texans beggar lining up in their SUVs for the food bank. Why are Americans like this?
(67.98 KB 800x400 eyes.jpg)
Because we live in the cyberpunk era. If a trope of the genre hasn't come true it's only because the tech isn't quite there yet, as soon as it's possible it will happen.
(347.52 KB 564x729 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2376 Cyberpunk is demonic deception
(44.40 KB 600x878 3443249835892.jpg)
>>2378 >Signs of demonic activity >Seeing orbs and strange lights: checked >Catching shadows out of the corner of the eye: checked >Polstergeist activity: checked >Hearing voices, breathing as you fall sleep: checked >Strange smells like rotten eggs: checked >Pets seeing things you can't: checked >You feel like you're being watched: checked >Electronics malfunction: checked >People attacking you for no valid reason: checked bros i think my house is haunted what should i do
>>2379 Accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and you will be under his protection.
>>2381 all the members of my household are baptised and already firmly believe in the lord
>>2382 my faith in christ is somewhat lacking compared to the rest of my family though
>>2383 One must take care of his spiritual health, it's like basic hygiene.
(27.72 KB 668x391 TLT.png)
G0d don't judge humans being. He only judge the dead. Humans judge humans. G0d will do nothing for you. But thinking he could just distract you from taking action.
(40.57 MB 854x480 satan is trans.webm)
>>2379 Yell TRANNY BEGONE while you knock on wood.
>>2387 >Tranny If this works for you you maybe under attack of baphomet or close demonic entities.

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