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Anonymous 08/22/2020 (Sat) 20:02:03 No. 2409
HIV doesn't cause AIDS
Name 1 person with AIDS who didn't deserve it.
>>2410 AIDS is a syndrome, when you don't know the origin of a disease that cause a immune deficiency you can just call it AIDS. Is any proof HIV actually leads to AIDS though? No. Take the most common example, a faggot who got fucked hundreds of times by different men in the ass the last few months, sniffing poppers and doing drugs all the way, suddenly he develops "AIDS syndroms", aka Pneumocystis Pneumonia. Was it because he sniffed copious amount of alkyl nitrites that fucked up his lungs, got infected by a dozens of parasites, syphylis gonorrhea coupled with amphetamine addiction that weaken the immune system or is it because of a virus we have never isolated? Do niggers shitting right next where they store food die of a mysterious virus or because they can't, to this day, figure out how to dig a hole whether it be for agriculture or building toilets? So, do they deserve it? Who cares. But now you must put a piece of plastic on your dick to fuck normies.
(402.23 KB 1000x2858 1345654546436.jpg)
>>2411 I-I just wanted to make a witty comment on a boring Saturday my fren Françoir. >But now you must put a piece of plastic on your dick to fuck normies. That don't sound like marriage to me, partner. But worrying about the semantics of a medical condition with no cure and ineffective treatment, a condition with a knack for human filth, is rather pointless. It would be better to grab dirty needles to poke degenerates with. A top lad huezillian did that during this year's carnival, made news headlines, and got away with it.
(238.14 KB 850x480 1584321853482.png)
(914.06 KB 985x1006 1534035408027.jpg)
(798.47 KB 1136x640 1514366505578.png)
>>2412 >That don't sound like marriage to me, partner. Kek Why bothering with pinning a few randoms when you can just make up a fake pandemic and kill millions with poisons labeled as "treatments" or "vaccines" while making billions in the process?
(1.33 MB 240x180 15724357435850.webm)
(1.18 MB 720x406 pozcum.webm)
(572.64 KB 1506x3976 homosexuality.png)
>>2415 You just posted HORROR man, that's gay

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