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(2.92 MB 1200x7000 slaves cyoa 3.jpg)
(2.15 MB 1200x4200 slaves cyoa 2.jpg)
Slave CYOA Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 08:37:41 No. 2496
dogs for protection celestial for marriage and children witch for curing crotch rot (why she wants to follow me?) leftists and jews for killing spell book is for me Rate my build
(2.24 MB 1200x4450 slaves cyoa 1.jpg)
How do I sage?
>>2497 email field
CYOAs are fun. Adventurer path. 2500 +300 Debt +300 Hunted by Abolitionists -550 Geisha -75 Fine Clothes (for Geisha) -550 Elven Scholar -75 Fine Clothes (for Elven Scholar) -500 Nosferatu Vampire -75 Leather Armor (for Nosferatu Vampire) -450 Orc Cook -75 Leather Armor (for Orc Cook) -250 Magically Gifted Orphan -75 Leather Armor (for Magically Gifted Orphan) -250 Martially Gifted Orphan -75 Leather Armor (for Martially Gifted Orphan) -100 Spellbook --------------------- 0 I would be some sort of archer/rogue type with perhaps some secondary skill in philosophy, and also magic or alchemy. Actual proficiencies being whatever the party leader/slaver gets in this CYOA. I would be the third to read the Spellbook. Geisha for her intrigue skills. Strictly professional relationship because whores are disgusting, she's lucky she doesn't get whipped because I don't have a whip. Always close to me to give advice, specially in battle, which goes well with my ranged fighting style. Kept away from the other women to avoid allowing her to corrupt them. She will come up with our tactics and lecture everyone as a group on the matter. Elven Scholar for her knowledge. I assume she has some latent magic power, so she is the first to read the Spellbook. She is allowed to tutor another member of the party but only if under supervision of myself or whoever else turns out to be responsible, to avoid corrupting whoever she tutors. She will focus on support magic if she trains magic. Will be the Magically Gifted Orphan's trainer, even if their path in magic differs. Second in command and the other head in the group. If the party splits, she takes Orc Cook and Magically Gifted Orphan with her. Her and Geisha should make great advisors and enhance how I manage the party. She's the one who is sent on errands, always with a body guard or 2. Probably not a virgin if that Elf at the market which was "only used twice" was the purest one in town, also lucky she's not mistreated due to being a whore, although she gets some respect for being a scholar. Nosferatu Vampire is my personal body guard. I will even make her share a bedroom with me for that purpose. Likely the best fighter in the party going by the description. Martially Gifted Orphan's trainer. Only joins the fight if the others can't handle it, I imagine that would go well with her arrogance, and keeps her at her body guard role for the most part. Seems like a nice enough woman if you take out the fact that she's a warrior, but as she doesn't want kindness, she gets a professional relationship also. Orc Cook is a mixture of fighter and support, likely the most versatile member for not being confined to one of the categories. Bro-tier. Too unintelligent to be dumb, he doesn't get caught up in the schizo-tier ideas that require a lot of mental gymnastics normalfags have, and also understands that we eat to live and not the other way around. If he has the average Orc personality he will probably dick the Elven Scholar if left alone with her, but hopefully he's better than that. By his description I assume he would be the worst fighter after the orphans are trained enough, but he's still unique due to his brute force. Magically Gifted Orphan. Instructed by me, trained by Elven Scholar. Elven Scholar's helper when sent on errands. Could be the waifu if her sadistic seller didn't rape her and Elven Scholar doesn't corrupt her. Second to read the Spellbook. At the very least gets good treatment, assuming the rape wasn't "rape". Her training is focused on attack magic. Martially Gifted Orphan. Instructed by me, trained by Nosferatu Vampire. Elven Scholar's helper when sent on errands. At the very least gets good treatment, assuming that if she was raped the rape wasn't "rape". Obviously spars with her trainer, but also spars with me.
(436.21 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2503 My only role play game is to act as a communist on alt right imageboards. r8
>>2504 0/10 if you do it for free, 1/10 if you're remunerated.
(4.23 MB 1600x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2505 Tricking AIs
(201.63 KB 500x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2503 Given the small number of users, should I make a CYOA g*neral or just make a thread for each? Each big one of course, small ones like pic would be put on a thread just for them.
>>2503 >Geisha for her intrigue skills. Strictly professional relationship because whores are disgusting, she's lucky she doesn't get whipped because I don't have a whip. Yep, you are brazillian. actually I could tell by the hacker text, only brs put effort in their posts >geisha gives advice in battle and not even the most retared thing you wrote.
(5.38 MB 900x4650 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.27 MB 900x3170 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.01 MB 900x3921 ClipboardImage.png)
Exterminator. I want to settle and have many children. Precision. Now I have high ACC and DODGE. Whichc are objectively the most important stats. Horse and Raven are free. The satchel with golfbombs will make things VERY easy. A bladed tonfa, gonna use on my left arm as offese and defence against lunging enemies, much like a board spear. a Hook in the shape of a dagger (cinquedea), my main-hand weapon. Both missions. I'll buy a Super Shotgun for the first, the second gives me a fairy that boosts charisma.
sounds fun but i'll never understand these things
>>2524 >will never understand following instructions brah, like, just read it, and imagine you are in that situation.
(7.63 MB 900x5786 ClipboardImage.png)
(6.50 MB 900x4821 ClipboardImage.png)
THAT'S IT! I won't post anymore unless you guys play it
(45.71 KB 438x527 heh.jpg)
>>2529 Too busy studying to bother.
>>2528 >just read it reading is gay

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