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(127.68 KB 438x424 olhada no breu.png)
Anonymous 10/02/2020 (Fri) 09:08:23 No. 2556
I don't get why there are so many whores complaining about "rape," why there are so many news on the subject, and so many police cases over the matter. Think about it. If you "rape" a woman who is both not married and not a virgin, what is wrong about it? What has been taken, what special act has been committed, how does it qualify as rape? If someone is punched unjustly the "crime" (in the popular sense of immoral act which deserves punishment) is wounding an innocent individual. But if you rape a whore, what is the crime? I will define "rape" as "unwilling sex". Some people will say "unwilling sex" is wrong, yet when you break it down into "unwilling" and "sex" neither of those acts is inherently wrong. Sex with your wife is okay, having something you didn't want to happen happen isn't the best of things but there's nothing inherently wrong about it either. Was I raped because there's garbage on TV? How does joining these 2 words make a crime? Rape of a married woman or an unmarried virgin is a very real and obvious crime, the woman is having sex with someone other than the husband (the rapist is to blame obviously, barring any inviting behavior like not dressing modestly) or losing her virginity out of wedlock (same as before). But having "unwilling sex" with a whore can't possibly qualify as a crime. There's not even something to call a crime, are we supposed to go around shouting "crime" and arresting anyone? Because that is what's happening. The most you can do is punish the man for having unmarried sex, but then you have to go after the woman too. Aren't people going about some "equality" bullshit nowadays? Where is it when you need it?
>>2556 Women orgasm during rape, this is what they enjoy the most.
je demande a tous de partager vos scene de viol je ne veux pas finir en prison c'est la seul chose qui m'éxite vraiment quand la nana en face le fais par obligation j'aime voir le dégout dans ces yeux quand elle la prends langoureusement en bouche s'il vous plait je veux pas faire d'autre victime aider moi a m'assouvir si vous avez des lien ou autre site de partage de forum spécialisé (uniquement ou il y a des vidéo je veux pas discutté avec des taré j'ai déja asser de mes probleme)
How did you get here? Only a child birthed from rape would want rape to be normalized.

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