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Anonyme 01/20/2020 (Mon) 05:49:37 No. 259
friendly reminder that Nizza and Corsica are Italy. Also pic related
>>259 What is Nizza? Also when do you make an other empire and enslave Frenchs? please
>>261 >modern italians empire anon, I...
>>261 Nizza is Nigger Pizza. And the role of enslaving France rightfully goes to the Germans for a fourth time tbh.
>>261 Nizza is the beautiful city which you subhumans call Nice
(124.62 KB 1208x960 truck of peace.jpg)
>>269 Ooh I see. It's very dangerous because of Trucks Of Peaces.
>>273 kèk based
Is Ferrara a cool city? I always wanted to go there and see the place where Tasso was locked up.
>>307 Better than Canadastan
>>307 yup pretty cool and comfy city, also lots of things to visit
>>308 Fuck you!
hon hon hon
(190.96 KB 1228x1150 1532471689442.png)
>>259 that image you post has fucked up the chinese word order bruh
>>273 hon hon hon
Everyone is a snitch in a police state.

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