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(95.47 KB 1120x747 1606513683711.jpg)
Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 01:06:57 No. 2641
Jewish people are a literal race of vampiric blood-consuming zombies. The elite, Jewish globalist communist bankers are the most evil SCUM to walk this god-forsaken Earth. I have had many visions from God regarding these walking pieces of shit. First off, they are psychopaths. The only enjoyment they get is when they make humans suffer, especially white people. ESPECIALLY white children, bonus points if they have blonde hair and blue eyes. I believe they feed off the negative energy of the suffering child, and they drink the blood shortly thereafter. In my first vision, I seen a little bald baby, wearing only a diaper. I was under the impression they had ripped all of her hair out. As they baby cowered and ran in fear, she hid under a table. She was being chased by a pedophile, wearing all black, with big dark boots on. His boots were covered in feces. He grabbed the baby out from under the table and stomped her to death. She cried. In another vision, I saw a baby who was thrown into a VERY dirty toilet. Just an absolutely disgusting feces infested toilet. The baby cried and then they began to flush the toilet until the baby drowned and died. In another vision, I saw a black trash bag hanging from a ceiling. The bag began to move erratically, and I heard a terrified, trembling little voice coming from the inside. "Let me out! Let me out!" It was a little girl. A group of satanic pedophiles in black surrounded the bag and began to beat it with baseball bats. When the child had stopped crying and presumably died, they cut the bag open and a bunch of dead babies fell out along with her.
(112.85 KB 900x564 1606513754574.jpg)
In another vision, one that particularly hurts me to this day, I saw a little, blonde naked baby. She was holding her private parts, jumping up and down, screaming and crying. "She's jumping for joy!" A disgusting pedophile screamed. But in reality, they had put a torture device insider her genitalia, and shown it shut so she couldn't get it out. She was in a great amount of pain. In another vision I seen a bunch of babies strapped to a wall, and they were very upset. They were approached by a bunch of men in black cloaks, who were holding knives. The began to stab the tiny naked babies, especially their privates. I'll never forget the crying faces of those babies. I should also mention that they torture animals as well. In one vision, I saw a mama cat. She was very distressed, and was moving around erratically as a satanist was dangling her by her feet. She was thrown in a blender, and screaming as she died. When the cat had died, they poured her remains all over a very traumatized looking little blonde girl. They told her it was going to be her only meal. In another vision I saw a donkey. I knew they had used him in satanic religious ceremonies. He had been raped and tortured. He was also kept in a VERY small pen. When he had died, they cut his stomach open and forced small children to get inside. Jesus told me his name was Samson. I should also mention that these elite pedophile Satanic Jews eat humans. I witnessed them cut the faces off still living babies and throw them on a grill. They also force babies and children to eat feces, vomit, and other children and babies. It gets worse.
They get these children from orphanges all around the world, however, they have a HUGE pereference for children from the Ukraine. I remember having a vision of one pedophile, before, raping a little girl, on top of her asking if she was from the Ukraine, and then he stated that he "loved whores from there." There are big 18 wheelers that are full of unwanted children. They bring these children to their underground lairs. The underground lairs is where the Satanic Jews carry out their violent, perverse rituals. It gets really fucking abysmal from here. Among these people are very powerful politicians, and I will get to exposing two very evil and well known individials in a second. Once in the chambers, the babies and children are so brutally tortured that LITERAL demons are summoned. Yes, fucking demons of all shapes and sizes. The demons also partake in these tortures. I just want to let you know, that the shit that takes places next, is just so fucking otherwordly evil. I seen a small black demon, who resembled a hideous demonic teddy bear, chasing around a small child. He had spikes on him, almost like a porcupine. He brutally raped and ate this child while she was still alive. He claimed his name was Asmodeus. I also witnessed a very scared blonde little girl all alone in a dark room, where there was a black painted playground. I knew she was about to be tortured and raped by demons and humans alike.
I also seen demons putting on a puppet show, where human children watched as they used dead fetuses and merianettes. They have these disgusting pop up books filled with humans body parts that they read to kids. One of the most traumatic things I had seen though, was a blonde toddler's dead body. She had been exsanguinationed, and stuffed like a goddamn taxidermy dog. She was naked, standing upright, and she had a sex toy, a dildo, lodged into her rectum. In the vison these Satanic pedophiles laughed and claimed she was their trophy and that she loved it. I then heard the dead child giggling. Her dead body was demon possessed, and they used her to have sex. She's basically a reanimated corpse because of the demon inside her. Now onto the part where shit gets very depressing. I seen a t.v. screen, on the screen was very hardcore child pornography, and the 9/11 clips where the people are falling from the buildings. God basically told me that 9/11 was their victory and that watching the people fall made them very happy. I then heard a very familiar women's voice, "Who wants to join in on the rape train?" There was a group of children to toddlers, standing in a line from biggest to tallest, all being forced to have sex with adults and each other. Many crying. That fucking hag from hell, Hillary CLinton, is one of them. She's in on this big time, anons.
And this is the hugest truth bomb of all. I was made to be put in this little girl's body. Of course, she was blonde, as they usually are, and she was being held down on a bed. Many Satanic pedophiles surrounded her. One, in a black cloak, their leader, got on top of her, and said some of the most bone-chilling shit I had ever heard. His voice was particularlly demonic and deep. "Scream softly, little lamb." And I could see him use his powers to give her a very fucked up vision of a crying baby lamb, which symbolized a very badly molested child. "Nobody will ever want you." "You will become my bride." "You will make a good mother." As the child resisted, the man on top of her got particulary annoyed and took his hood off. Underneath was none fucking other than Barack Hussein Obama. He was also possessed by none other than Satan. He looked VERY reptillian. Green skin, all scaly, and red eyes that are slit. I used to have my doubts when people said Obama was the AntiChrist. I no longer do. The most tragic thing of all this is that so many powerful, rich PROMINENT people are involved, it's almost like nobody can do anything. God told me that if the public ever found out about this fucking sick, depraved EVIL shit that they elite do, the elite would panic and cause WW3 to distact from the truth. They would also start inside operations of terrorist attacks, which they will blame on "Nazis" and Muslims. One of the only sane, non-evil people on this Earth that God told me about was Vladmir Putin. That's basically it as far as I know.
10/10 lovecraft would be proud

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