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Anonymous 12/17/2020 (Thu) 08:14:46 No. 2676
Hello, We are humans from the star system Procyon. We have come to help Earth end the MILAB child trafficking operation created by the bush family, arrest reptilians traveling here that want to invade this planet... as well as help Earth transition into the 5th dimension. Love for one another on this planet has grown tremendously the past 20 years ever since dick Cheney flew remote control jet liners into the side of the World Trade Center towers. This event was supposed to plunge America into a period of chaos. This was supposed to be the event that called for martial law resulting in the death of nearly everyone on the planet. This was averted though due to many citizens from all over the globe sacrificing their lives over the years to prevent it from happening. The virus created by those who want to control this planet is their next event that they aim to bring about martial law with. Since it has been unsuccessful so far leaders of earth have tried to set off nuclear missiles at many many cities to speed up this process. I am here to say we have been intercepting them. No nukes will ever be detonated on this planet again. “Leaders” of this planet believe they can overwhelm high technology with countless missiles fired at once this is simply not true. If you do not believe me here are three of the missiles we intercepted. https://twitter.com/i/status/1333023864629157889 https://twitter.com/i/status/1334725698645319687 https://twitter.com/i/status/1334281403563970560 These videos depict what a nuclear bomb looks like before it detonates. “Leaders” of your world are working together to destroy it. They are all on the same team serving reptilians from the Alpha Draconis star system.
If you believe in God. We can increase our presence on your planet through prayer. We can eventually reveal ourselves however the energy is still too dark for us to touch down. We need a specific prayer from everyone of you who believe in God. This forum was specifically targeted because many here are Christians that love the father AND mother. Yes, there is a mother god as well. To show that you want your planet fixed you have to pray for the people hurting your children to be arrested. It is the best way to show your devotion to the creation/light. Please pray: “Thank you galactics and Blue avians for closing down the child trafficking operation and arresting those involved.” Your planet finally is waking up realizing elections are fraudulent. The people that run this planet are desperate to kill all of you to keep control. Please pray the prayer above to end the darkness. The blue avians are here assisting us as well to keep you all safe. Hurry up so we can come down to meet all of you beautiful people! Please open up your heart when praying so we can feel your intent to spread love.
I just want to say to everyone in my last post your prayers are working the vibrations are high enough to start arrests. I want to add one more prayer that will help us with arrests. “Thank you god for filling all the child traffickers and those involved with sacred fire.” This will help complete the arrest process faster. In short, beings must have be transfigured before they are taken from this planet otherwise they will die from moving from low vibration to high vibration. If you would like to feel sacred fire you can invoke it by saying: “Thank you god for the sacred fire“. You will feel your palms heat up. You can also increase your awareness by saying. “I intend that I am infinite awareness”. “I intend that I am infinite love.” If you mean it when you say it will help clear your mind
>>2676 This is from the law of one. CIA psychology 101
If you were so smart you'd know that might is right.
(9.82 KB 200x290 img_069.jpg)
Oh merde, are you one of those fags over from biblioteca pleyades with their fairy tales?

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