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Did you IMPROOOVE today? Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 18:57:07 No. 2735
Nofap + Noporn + Dopamine Fasting + staring at a wall + sensory deprivation + Cold Bath + MGTOW + eat raw meat + eat facing the wall + biohack + sleep on the floor to fix the posture + Jordan Peterson + mewing + HBD + RSD + jelq + sleep 5 hours a day + unsweetened iced coffee + horse riding + bullet -proof coffee + compilation mitred gibeiranaro and Enéas + raw garlic + rivotrill + masturbating in the ass + Brain Force + Fasting + iasd meditation + songs for concentration, focus and intelligence + internet IQ test + Viking cancer lineage groups + stay away from the 4G and 5G internet post + Alexandre Tasca's youtube + 5 seconds of calisthenics in the atacama desert + darkcel + glasses from the turn down for what in the profile picture + bullying disabled people + read nietzsche quotes in brainy quote + create chicken in the room without parents knowing + call Chinese flango pastry + eat fried garlic + a spoonful of oil when you wake up and another before bedtime + fast 24hrs every 72hrs + watch VT at the premiere as soon as you arrive from the stadium + take a test and pedigree + Ultras World channel + buy Chainlink + smell decaffeinated coffee + LibreFighting + Operation Werewolf + buy Paul Waggener articles + make ERP + Centhurion METHOD + humilliation exposure in order to create a crust in your mind capable of developing resilience that resists humiliation as if she were nothing + taking a bare bath in a gym shower with a pissed floor + 1fps way + homemade bodybuilding + hacking sleep + reading crowley to unleash fireballs + ask if you prefer 20cm dad or 200k + Entrepreneur + diet paleo + 10 self-help books per month + PUA + studying python + walking with an open back to show domination and confidence + Biokinesis + 432hz music + playing ragnarok + Moving the stick without blinking your ass + transcendental meditation + minoxidil to grow a beard and hairy chest + attention from chitãozinho and xororó + filmography Jason Stataham + going to the cinema alone + saitama training + sports betting + quantum coach + coffee enema + diet lair brook + learn how to make sigils + alkaline water + The Wim Hof Method + hyperborean wisdom + articles from The Sentinel + Dídimo Matos Library + sleep facing the wall whistling in the dark to scare the curupira + take 3 leaps every time you get up from bed + create course on how to make money on the internet + free diet ebook + count macros and micros + count bigs and smalls + download study materials and never study + grade 600 at Bar mitzvah + show jeba online + harass JBs while driving Uber + create laratixa to kill cockroaches + Low gradual doses of poisons to create resistance and prevent death from poisoning + post girls of Chinese design + gibeiranaro shirt 2022 + PPL + handjob for female transvestites + fake profile paid for encounters in the rocket + programming course back-end + progressive hair and skin lightening cream. share your improooovements and your realizations, your goals and your methods
>>2735 Just take the Bogpill.
I literally study programming all day, though I've only been at it for a few months.
(409.20 KB 460x341 ClipboardImage-1610768509.png)
>>2741 Based
This is it. Must Watch ⬇️⬇️ https://youtu.be/3VCRg-cdLiQ ⬆️⬆️

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