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Women... Anonymous 06/13/2021 (Sun) 08:00:02 No. 2886
Women're disgusting creatures. A "normal" woman has more body fat than a "plumpy" man. Even little girls're fatty as fuck. The body of a woman is practically disfigured. Too narrow arms, too big buttocks, too wide hips with sickly jellious thighs. Even little girls have disproportionally big asses. Their heads are ridiculously tiny in comparison to their rumps. Their legs are twisted and monstrous: the knees're turned inwards, they basically cannot hold their feet in normal position. They all're like invalids with inborn cerebral palsy. Even little girls. And there are two big malformed tumors full of rancid lard sagging from their chests. Their silhouette is alike to a bloated rotten drowned corpse. Their feet are dry and coarse. Even little girls have heels and toes so callous as those of a 25+ y.o. man. Their fingers as dry and bony, they're like claws. Even young women's fingers are such. Their voices are shrieks. Those shrilling sounds're so earpiercing that listening to them is a torture like having your head being bored with a dull rusty handdrill. Their tongues're narrow and pointy like those of birds or reptiles. The harpy wasn't a void fantasy but it was a metaphor depicting a very common woman appearance - that's how they look like. They are dirty - they always have their skin smeared with some disgusting lotions, balsams, cremes and other ridiculous muck. 24/7 their skin and hair are dirty. And they start wallowing in that filth since childhood. They're reeking with chemical and poignant stenches. The said cremes, as well as perfume and other putrid dregs - they're very smelly, much more stinky than your average smoker and alcoholic hobo - at least you can't smell a hobo from 30 feet on the street, while you definitely can smell a woman at 100-150 feet from upwind. And again they start practicing this shit since their teens. Their genitalia even more disgusting and deformed than an old man's genital mutilated by an explosion, knives, let rot for years, then seared with molten iron, splashed with strong acid, and then got eaten by many nasty infections such as syphilis and fungi - even after all of that it's still hard to achieve the level of ugliness woman genitalia have naturally. Also the genitalia of theirs exudes a foul miasma. And there's of course the monthly slimey effluent of blood, piss, pus, and other wastes. They are abhorrent and nauseating. Even a thought about touching such a pile of dung full of larvae should make anyone sick. They are absolutely empty and dull - all day long they think only about their bodies or relationships - they can say nothing interesting and have no interests whatsoever. They all are psychopaths and egotists. There's no word "empathy" in their vocabulary. But there is the world pronounced "empathy" but with meaning "pretence". They lie about everything. They're pathological liars. They never forget or forgive anything about being "wronged", especially the "faults" they imagined for no reason. But they immediately forget any good done to them, as well as any wrong they did to others. They always snitch. Even if there's nothing to snitch about, they just make some crap up out of nothing and falsely accuse people at random. Only to make people suffer. They're unable to cooperate with others. Neither they can put an end to a conflict. And they always try to escalate a conflict to violence (state violence, authority, violence from simping men - they sic the "dogs" and it's no different from pulling the trigger of a handgun - they are extremely violent, just prefer to use other means than own muscle power). They never take any responsibility for their wrongdoings. They always blame others instead. But they always claim credit for anything other people did or achieved. Even if it was physically impossible for them to contribute anything to the deed. They are completely insufferable and unbearable. And they are stupid, oh so stupid. They beyond idiotic and completely unable to learn anything however much you would teach them, however many facts, reasons, and experiments you would show them. They are worse at learning than dogs or cats. They are on the level of hens or sheep. Then why?!! Why are there so many men who don't barf just by looking at those revolting dreadful abominations? Why are there so many mentally ill men with teratophilic perversion? I can't understand. It's a fucking mystery! Why is that men're attracted to women? They're dreadful and utterly gross. How does the God even allows such odious spawns of limbo to exist under the Sun!
(90.61 KB 1125x1006 hate women.jpg)
(4.77 MB 912x720 womyn not real.mp4)
ITT we hate womyns.
>>2889 Absolutely based webm
TL;DR, just fuck cute boys instead

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