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(5.94 MB 854x480 15803048575960.mp4)
Anonyme 01/30/2020 (Thu) 02:41:02 No. 292
How do I cope with being a sissy Anglo manlet with a tiny dick?
(56.07 KB 442x604 15803115738760.jpg)
(123.65 KB 1046x1250 15803115739162.jpg)
>>292 I managed to go on a date once but I was too scared to show my dick and I freaked out. It was 4 years ago, nothing ever happened in my life ever again.
(570.28 KB 272x480 15803115739173.webm)
>>292 Just be confident bro, look this is me on the beach, I have a normal sized dick but look at my confident walking, that's what girls like trust me dude.
Civilize some savages and trick your fellow europeans.
>>294 The Chad Big White Cock vs the virgin envious boomer.
>>292 Grow taller and grow your pp obviously
>>2330 How does one grow pp?
(145.14 KB 420x420 1508441457007.jpg)
>>292 >00:29 WHY DO THIS
>>2335 Why not?
>>2336 looks painful
>>2337 All the holes in your body are pleasurable to fill with fingers and various objects, why not pee hole?
>tiny dick >still has phimosis
>>2339 >watching the video that long
>>2338 spoken like a true degenerate >frog of course >>2340 sometimes curiosity beats disgust
(127.68 KB 438x424 olhada no breu.png)
>>2340 >>2341 Meh, there are way more disgusting things that are considered normal enough to do in public and tell everyone about in these rotten times. If seeing my dog's dick every day is fine then so is seeing that dude's dick for a single video's length.
>>2341 Don't you finger your nose and ears? Don't you eat? Don't you have a prostatitis? You are just missing stuffs because of irrational childish fears.
(117.30 KB 2298x972 1524631731223.png)
(90.63 KB 431x767 1566709395922.jpg)
(2.00 MB 1241x1600 1584791360340.png)
>>2343 Is it common to have sex with dogs in Brazil?
>>2343 based huehue >>2344 no im not a the gay
>>2345 No but one time I wanked to a Brazillian pornstar called Monica Mattos being fucked by a horse and drinking its semen, horses cum a lot apparently. It does seem like Latin America as a whole practices more bestiality than other parts of the world, in some places (not Brazil) it's actually acceptable.
>>2348 How is that arousing to see women fucked by horses? Stop watching porn and go to church or something m8
(422.72 KB 2048x1536 1338360741733.jpg)
>>2351 I stopped wanking years ago. That was a phase I had after some slum nigger showed me porn and I became a wanker.

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