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(2.52 MB 2222x2551 god20reach.png)
Anonyme 01/31/2020 (Fri) 18:47:31 No. 299
Why God made different religions tbh fams?
>>299 he didn't, we were the ones that created religions due to not being able of understanding why and for what purpose god made us, we use religions as a way to manipulate god's will into conforming to an agenda.
>>300 Yeah but if God is omniscient then he is responsible for the multiples existing religions.
>>301 He may be omniscient but just as he is aware of our antics done in his name it doesn't necessarily mean that he has to take action about it. he very well may be a quite neglectful father that lets us do whatever we want.
>>303 morality is only a materialistic feature
And that's why we should give up on all that nonsense and start doing what the Jew tells us to do.
(7.32 MB 6737x2125 Spooky Religion.png)
Many people fall for the trap of worshiping their religion instead of GOD religion demands that you beLIEve but never allows you or teaches you to KNOW. religion and god are not the same thing avoid religion just LOVE GOD just KNOW GOD
>>324 Based, I wish I could read tbh fam
(27.36 KB 554x399 300jc.png)
(48.46 KB 468x365 300jd.jpg)
(22.23 KB 376x336 300je.jpg)
(80.53 KB 500x554 300jf.jpg)
(2.00 MB 320x240 300jg.webm)
(105.84 KB 920x656 Torre Girona chapel.jpg)
>>328 We need to make state atheism, like the chinese. Churches are beautiful and we can put computers in them
>>327 Did you know there is an old testament and a new testament?
>>331 That's pretty nice tbh, then we can all come and worship Tai bot.
>>333 An IA that dictates us the only best path to humanity's salvation
(25.72 KB 496x587 303h.png)
because free choice is best
All religion should of been wiped from the planet using reduction camps centuries ago. All religion sucks.
No one hates free speech more than Americans do.
(143.81 KB 947x768 srs.jpg)
>>324 >>327 >>328 Take your meds, dude. Like holy fucking shit, the amount of schizophrenia on these three posts is unbelievable.
>>299 Im pretty sure there are pats of the bible that take place in Greece, and Mecca is not in that circle.

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