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(207.56 KB 711x1744 IMG_20200205_074443_886.JPG)
Anonyme 02/05/2020 (Wed) 06:46:24 No. 326
Are you a stupid +30yo childless stupid THOT with a drinking problem? lmao I am Praise me and gimme welfare now incels!
(51.17 KB 346x493 burp02f.jpg)
>>326 i would probably agree to be with european female leftovers but only if i get to have citizenship there.
>>345 >citizenship South Americans manlets may have a pussy pass if you smuggle enough drug from your boï pussy.
>>326 50+ childless thot here tbh I only do cocaine tho
lol my sister told me a story of exactly this phenotype >have sister >she has a coworker >fun girl apparently pretty tomboyish, internet troll and video game connaisseuse >she lives in shared appartement with some elder lady >40+ >unmarried >overweight >"career womyn" >they get into little clashes all the time and it is always because some insignificant shit >for example 50$ about some repair bill or something that she apparently desperately needs >I want to put that money in my travelling piggy bank lol if you are a poorfag don't go travelling at all silly cunt >when gamer girl has visitors the cat lady rolls her eyes to express her disdain >gamer gurl calls her a frustrated crazy cat lady >told my sister she is counting the days until she can finally move into another appartement and forget that weirdo >mfw the memes from the internet are manifesting themselves into real life but you can tell something is not right when you are 40+ female and looking for cohabitants you are not in college anymore girl >>349 brazillian women best women I will wife you up but only if you are black
>>354 THE BBC Big Brazilian Cock
>>354 Ask you a serious question swede fren, what if it's the imageboards actually shaping societies more than the society shapes imageboards.
>>359 No I think the meme magick stuff is real >donal trumpchi >supreme gentleman >tarrantino >el paso >leipzig guy >trannyism >the incel/femcel meme >now the _oomer meme we have let the genie out of the bottle and now he wont go back in
(337.28 KB 656x468 1576725121633.png)
(52.09 KB 300x367 1492595375570.gif)
(112.72 KB 800x600 1469382835826.jpg)
>>361 I hope kek isn't secretly some ebil God.

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