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(48.26 KB 400x366 alphalogo.png)
Anonyme 02/08/2020 (Sat) 21:38:41 No. 351
Anyone check out https://alphachan.net yet? Apparently it's running on brand new jschan software and has board creation too.
>>351 Are you fatpeople.lol or an other one? I like this engine tbh fam
jschan is much better then anything I saw to this day it is so fast and slim and works completely without jewascript had zero problems on site with all scripts completely turned off in my browser
(168.70 KB 1920x1440 niskatakanen.jpg)
>>355 Lynxchan works well without Javascript too tbh fam
>>351 Doesn't work anymore
>>1890 There was so many alt chans popping up and down it's hard to follow. I think there is still madochan.monster 9chan.us 10chan but many many more around
>>1890 Yes, it does. I can't vouch for every single site out there and their modifications, but vanilla lynxchan do work perfectly without js.
The suicides, riots, starvation, and deaths from thrombosis resulting from putting every American under house arrest will kill more than this virus will.

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