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Noko 01/03/2020 (Fri) 08:21:41 No. 55
Here from www.pajeet.top How are you doing my friench fam?
(185.97 KB 462x480 we wuz.jpg)
>>55 Hello my pajeet friend! Be welcome here!
>>57 :DDD
>>58 poo in the loo, did yu loo a poo in the loo today pajeet ?
The US is collapsing and Americans want to talk about football. WTF?
>>55 Dead board, how ironic.
One thing worse than living in a police state is finding out that no one cares.
>>1522 It's still on the main domain: https://indiachan.com
>>1528 do you?
>>1529 Too much rules = a piece of shit. >> 1530 This person seems to care. I care too. I'm not an American, but I lived in the States for three years. In my country, the laws are also starting to get totalitarian. They are closing everything down. It's clear that we are moving towards a Fascist New World Order.
>>1535 Coronavirus might be fake and gay, but most peoples are just happy to stay home and watch TV yet. Maybe we will wake up one day and just realize we messed up https://www.worldometers.info/
Jesus Christ. The financial system is collapsing, the food supply is collapsing, hyperinflation is coming, guns and ammo are wiped out, and military martial law plans have been leaked. Why didn't anyone warn people that wars, debt, and tyranny always end badly?
>>1538 It's just cycles man, history is a cycle, not a line.
Americans scream the answer to tyranny is surrender.
>>1538 >the food supply is collapsing Not in France, I mean, they're selling us that we can consume products made inside the nation - even though they used to say that it was impossible to close the boarders. >hyperinflation is coming I don't have a good economical culture, but I guess that no country will be safe from that. It's going to be even worst for third world countries. So in a way, we're not the worst... >guns and ammo are wiped out That would make me shit my pants. But I also know that "our" cities full of gangs are far more prepared than the random white guy. Which state do you live in? Are there states worst than others?
This virus seems to perfectly match with the goals of the globalists. This virus expands the police state. This virus ends gun sales. This virus ends travel. This virus prohibits people from gathering. This virus prohibits Americans from attending church. This virus prohibits people from working. This virus forces people to accept welfare. This virus results in cash bans. This virus forces Americans to buy products online and communicate with the Internet or phones that are wiretapped by NSA. This virus will lead to mandatory vaccines and microchip implants. This virus led to trillion dollar bailouts for the 1%. This virus might lead to depopulation.
All good here in the north of england only people having a hard time are the heroin users, well the poor ones anyway over 20,000 students have left, RESULT This could last all year i'd be cool with it 70,000 dead, sucks. Then again, Pic Rlated
>>1731 I got fat with this confinement shit from sitting all day long on my fat ass. First world problem. Good pic.
>>1560 Wait, you think globalists are okay with people just sitting on their asses and getting free money welfare? If anything they want everyone working slave labor for pennies, while they rake in the 99.9999999999999999999% of profits. Also they already have achieved that. So they don't need a virus to get rich.
>>1739 You can only win when you're richer than the casino

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