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(561.12 KB 788x1000 13.jpg)
The Webring and You Anon 12/21/2019 (Sat) 11:46:40 No. 490
Bonjour, friends With the recent deplatforming of several websites and people for wrongthink, it has become increasingly more difficult to speak freely, even on anonymous message boards much like yours. Because of that, we have created a system called The Webring, which is basically a federated network of anonymous imageboards that advertise their boards to other anonymity-minded users (so you can avoid having people from Reddit or the likes ruin your place). >What do you gain You get to advertise your board to other anons who are looking for a home (in your case, we have at least three other French-speaking boards that were looking for a definitive place to stay); You get to stay in touch with other web administrators who also use lynxchan, meaning you have always someone to get your back; You get a reliable system to migrate your userbase during downtimes or whenever someone tries to attack your website. >What do we gain We increase the number of active boards that our users get to enjoy, as well as having a fall back place whenever things go sour on our end. You can also choose which websites you're okay with advertising, so if for example you don't want any from a NSFW website, you can just unplug its site from the json file. If you'd like to know more, here's an example of how it looks like on your end: https://anon.cafe/webring.json And if you've got any troubles installing it, consider visiting https://anon.cafe/ or https://julay.world/ to get proper support. To install it: download the plugin at https://gitlab.com/Tenicu/infinityaddon-webring or https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring (depending on your underlying system), install it and you'll immediately be able to access the connected imageboards, as well as to advertise your own to all of them.
>>490 Hmm that's pretty cool. It doesn't display on anon.cafe though.
>>490 Ok I set that up, you can check it here https://fch.yt/boards.js It's a very nice option, I like that. Do you know how much time for this website to appear on other platforms?
>>492 Alright, thanks friend. >Do you know how much time for this website to appear on other platforms? Usually it's not an instantaneous thing and may take up to a day (in fact whenever a website is down for maintenance it disappears from the Webring for a while), but my suggestion would be to visit the /meta/ boards of each of the IBs and ask them to manually add you - if you want me to though I could do it for you. https://julay.world/meta/
Oh yeah also, there's a new vulnerability with lynxchan where people spamming the captcha can fill out a folder that hosts copies of the code, you may want to ask how to get it fixed, it took down a couple of unrelated imageboards.
>>493 >>494 Ooh I'll look that up, thx man. Yes you can add me sure.
>>493 Oh also do you know how to add a "webring" logo next to the boards like Florida chan do? Or to only display boards in the webring.js and not in the boards.js?
(229.74 KB 1080x1925 IMG_20191222_115844_883.JPG)
>>496 Sorry for the late reply, I'll ask on Smug and tell the people over at the bigger ones to add you
>>498 Do you have to manually add peoples? I thought it would sync automatically, maybe I didn't configured it properly?
>>499 I gotta be honest, originally it was an automatic measure but now it looks like you gotta be added manually from host to host. I'll see what I can do with them.
smuglo.li admin here. Hello. I went to add your site, but it does not seem to be configured correctly. There should be a JSON file at fch.bet/webring.json if it's setup right. Without that we cannot connect anything.
>>501 It was deactivated. Activating it right now.
>>502 All done, fch is now listed on every webring site.
L'admin a eu la bonne idée d'ajouter son imageboard au webring. C'est comme ça que j'ai pu le découvrir. J'espère qu'il gagnera en utilisateurs car c'est le seul imageboard francophone qui mérite cette reconnaissance. Je me demande s'il a déjà administrer d'autres sites/imageboards avant.
>>504 Merci pour ton soutien ! FrChan est le successeur de franchan, une petite planche sous une vieille version de vichan. Je lui ai donné un petit coup de neuf avec LynxChan et de meilleurs serveurs.
>>505 Il y a juste un point que je voudrais éclaircir : les serveurs sont bien hébergés aux US, non ? Sinon, j'ai repéré quelques fautes. Si t'as besoin d'aide pour la traduction de certaines pages, hésite pas. Je suis sûr que d'autres anons seraient prêts à aider également.
>>506 Les serveurs sont bien aux US oui. Si tu vois des fautes, erreurs, bugs n'hésite pas à les signaler oui. Là je suis entrain de (re) traduire /int/ en anglais alors ne t'étonne pas si c'est un peu le bazar.
>>507 >Là je suis entrain de (re) traduire /int/ en anglais alors ne t'étonne pas si c'est un peu le bazar. Pas de problèmes ! >Si tu vois des fautes, erreurs, bugs n'hésite pas à les signaler C'est des petites fautes mais je les poste quand même : 1 - Accents manquants aux liens "A propos" et "Legal" dans le footer. 2 - Accent manquant à "medias" (toujours dans le footer). 3 - "e" manquant à "Mot de pass" dans le formulaire de réponse et sur la page "Poster". 4 - "s" en trop dans "maximums" (toujours dans le formulaire de réponse). 5 - Accent grave à "accèder" sur la page "Règles". 6 - Accent manquant sur la majuscule d'"Etape" sur la page "Appli' mobile". 7 - Espace manquant avant les ":" sur plusieurs pages/sections. 8 - "de" manquant entre "empreintes" et "navigateurs" sur la page "Vie privée" 9 - "r" en trop à "empêcher" sur la page "Poster" Je te suggère aussi d'aérer le texte de la page "Vie privée", de rendre les liens cliquables sur celle-ci, d'enlever les "-" dans la barre de navigation et de traduire "no cookies?" dans le formulaire de signalement. Sinon, bonne chance pour la partie développement.
(427.63 KB 500x1300 computing.png)
>>508 Merci pour ton retour j'apprécie, je m'occuper de ça. Pour les "-" dans la barre de navigation c'est un petit hack pour la version mobile.
>>508 J'ai pu changer tout ça, il manque peut être encore quelques accents avant les ":".


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