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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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Tying dogs to trees will soon be illegal in Gadsden Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 17:06:33 No. 126
(483.18 KB 700x800 15844531961500.png)
>>127 You're the spammer here. CoronaChan
>>126 What is the legal definition of a tree in America?
The elites are evil. Americans are just slaves today. The US is not a democracy. Our overlords have decreed that we must give our DNA, photographs, and fingerprints to the government, be groped, be wiretapped, be forbidden from owning guns, be prohibited from having free speech, be banned from owning businesses, lose the right to a trial, and lose the right to be free from torture. The globalists, politicians, government workers, soldiers, cops, and Americans who obey and stay silent are all responsible for this prison. This lockdown will either be a temporary test or become permanent. The 99% will use up their savings, be forbidden from earning an income, and stocks will become worthless. Hyperinflation will happen because of government debt. Americans will lose their property due to property taxes being raised. The elites can wait out any downturn because the ruling class have billions of dollars worth of gold. Impoverished Americans will then be forced to be dependent and accept welfare and lose their government payments if they protest. This virus scare will be used to ban cash and force Americans to get microchip implants. The Internet will be shut off and checkpoints and roadblocks will be used to block food deliveries and kill off the 99% through starvation. The best options now seem to be to buy guns, gold, and food and get out of the USA immediately. Buy a sailboat or try to escape to the Amazon. Pass the word.
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>>130 Is it realistic to lockdown the USA? You can't lockdown the land of freedom right?
The Nazis may or may not had concentration camps, but that doesn't mean concentration camps will never be used. White people are the new Jews. Americans refusal to resist means that Americans will be sent to the gas chambers and ovens, be tortured, be subjected to medical experiments, and be made into lampshades. Tyranny always ends with evil.
>>133 That's good. I hope they do something like the massive human centipede from the 3rd movie. Also, if there were no death camps, then how about all the photos?
Americans have completely given up. The US is rapidly collapsing and no one cares.

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