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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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/pol/ bot archive Anonyme 04/20/2020 (Mon) 13:07:23 No. 371
You're allowed to talk about Alex Jones' divorce, but you may not talk about CIA torture. You may talk about Snowden's girlfriend, but you may not talk about NSA wiretapping. You're allowed to talk about Trump's hands, but you may not talk about US wars. You're allowed to talk about Assange's kids, but you cannot talk about NDAA indefinite detention. You can talk about Mel Gibson's rant, but you are not allowed to talk about Jewish control of Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government.
There are negative interest rates now. Get your money out of banks today. The dollar is worthless and banks will go bankrupt. Buy gold, canned goods, foreign currencies, and guns. The US is becoming Communist. Don't be surprised if Trump nationalizes airlines, hospitals, car companies, the media, and banks soon.
Jesus Christ. Americans are so batshit insane now that Americans scream giving out bailout funds in secret will prevent Biden from closing businesses.
The government says that you can't work, takes your house when you can't pay your taxes, and then arrests you for being homeless. WTF?
The USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state now. The elites control Hollywood, the media, Wall Street, and the government. What if actors, reporters, politicians, and bankers risked their jobs for the 99% by smearing the elites every chance they could? What if the Gestapo refused to arrest people for victimless crimes, Americans refused to obey the law, the TSA refused to grope people, soldiers refused to go to war, taxpayers refused to pay taxes, NSA agents quit, CIA agents refused to torture, IRS agents refused to collect taxes, and juries refused to convict people? Are Americans crippled retards? Are Americans just victims? Isn't anyone responsible for anything? Spread the word.
Jesus Christ. Americans are so batshit insane today that they scream being under house arrest means freedom. https://www.godlikeproductions.com
Wow. Americans are so batshit insane now that Americans scream Google is recording their web searches, but Americans don't care that the NSA is unconstitutionally wiretapping Americans.
Americans don't care if the US is bankrupt warmongering police state, but Americans lose their minds if the economy collapses.
Jesus Christ. Americans beg for the government to place them under house arrest and give them welfare and then blame illegal immigrants for taking all the jobs.
Americans scream Trump is lazy, but who the fuck is increasing the debt, conducting wars, and expanding the police state?

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