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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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Anonyme 04/22/2020 (Wed) 13:06:14 Id:e51cda No. 386
The cure for this virus seems to perfectly match with the goals of the globalists. This virus expands the police state. This virus cancels elections. This virus ends gun sales. This virus ends travel. This virus prohibits people from gathering. This virus prohibits Americans from attending church. This virus prohibits people from working. This virus forces people to accept welfare. This virus results in cash bans. This virus forces Americans to buy products online and communicate with the Internet or phones that are wiretapped by NSA. This virus will lead to mandatory vaccines and microchip implants. This virus led to trillion dollar bailouts for the 1%.
Kings live in large castles, eat well, have armies to protect them, and tax the serfs. What benefits does the government give you? If you lived in a free country, you can decide if going outside is worth the risk. In a police state, the government tells you what to do.
If you have been watching the US turn into a police state over the past 35 years, the decline has been stunning and evil. Americans love their beloved government overlords, but the government is no different than the mafia. The government and illegal aliens don't obey the law, why should you? The road to tyranny started gradually with DWI checkpoints, liability insurance laws, smoking laws, and kept increasing. The propaganda is continuous. White men are ridiculed constantly. Females and negroes are praised. Immorality, homosexuality, abortions, safe spaces, and divorces are encouraged. The government is always selling safety and ignores arguments for freedom. The government constantly tries to scare Americans to fear illegal immigrants, terrorists, and viruses. The government rewards compliance with paychecks, sales, bailouts, or welfare. The government punishes disobedience with audits, taxes, fees, jail, torture, and executions. Anyone who resists cannot attend school, have a gun, travel, start a business, drive, or get medical care. The government wants your name, photo, fingerprints, and DNA. You must carry a bag around everywhere, wear a mask, and get vaccines. Now you are under house arrest. Soon Americans will be sent to the concentration camps and ovens. Americans are just slaves today. The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state now, but nothing will change because Americans think everything is just fine. Anyone who is concerned will be told that the US collapse is fake news and will be banned and called a troll, bot, spammer, racist, or nutjob.
The government says that you can't work, takes your house when you can't pay your taxes, and then arrests you for being homeless. WTF?
Americans scream the elites want to open the economy to kill off the 99% with a virus, but maybe the globalists support the lockdown because the ruling powers want to destroy the economy and make Americans dependent on welfare.
>>386 At least some peoples defend liberty in America, but Frenchs hate freedom with a deeper passion.
As the US collapses and the elites get more desperate, don't be surprised if the globalists say that the Russians are coming or there is an Ebola outbreak to get Americans to go to the concentration camps. The ruling powers might even use Hollywood special effects to stage the return of Jesus or fake an UFO event to distract Americans. http://www.debatepolicy.com/forumdisplay.php?4-USA-Political-Discussion

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