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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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Coronavirus shows government is a problem, not the solution Anonyme 04/24/2020 (Fri) 14:17:43 Id:7d7a77 No. 420
>>420 Trump couldn't build his wall in America because Jews didn't agree, while Trump gave billions of dollars to Israel to build one of the longest and greatest wall a country ever made. How funny.
Americans have lost their minds and become cowardly zombies. Americans used to be proud and love morality, personal responsibility, balanced budgets, peace, and freedom. Now Americans have become shallow and embrace immorality, welfare, debt, war, and tyranny. Americans think that they are different because they have dyed hair and tattoos, but Americans would be screaming for Jesus to be crucified if this was Ancient Rome and giving Nazi salutes if this was Nazi Germany. Americans say that they are victims and blame baby boomers, millennials, China, Muslims, Christians, illegal immigrants, females, negroes, and homosexuals for the US collapse, but Americans never blame themselves. Americans vehemently attack anyone who criticizes their beloved government overlords. The elites say that Americans can debate the issues, but the ruling powers have already decided everything. You may discuss AOC's dance video, but you may not talk about kill lists. You're allowed to talk about Alex Jones' divorce, but you may not talk about CIA torture. You may talk about Snowden's girlfriend, but you may not talk about NSA wiretapping. You're allowed to talk about Trump's hands, but you may not talk about US wars. You're allowed to talk about Assange's kids, but you cannot talk about NDAA indefinite detention. You can talk about Mel Gibson's rant, but you are not allowed to talk about Jewish control of Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government. No one deserves being sent to the concentration camps more than Americans do. Disgusting.

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