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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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Democracy is decaying worldwide. America isn't immune. Anonyme 04/26/2020 (Sun) 03:38:17 Id:a0af5e No. 531
I don't like the state either, but what kind of government do you think would be good for the society? Controlled by the companies? Like libertarians want? Something marxist-like?
Wow. The problems of today could be solved by doing what the government did in the past- NOTHING. Americans scream FEMA camps are the only solution for natural disasters, but San Francisco recovered from the 1906 earthquake without government help. https://www.mininggazette.com/opinion/columns/2017/10/government-should-get-out-of-way/ Americans insist concentration camps are the only answer to viruses, but the government did nothing about a cholera outbreak in 1832. https://www.thoughtco.com/the-cholera-epidemic-1773767 Americans say the only possible solutions to deal with illegal immigrants are to build a wall, have warrantless searches, DNA databases, license plate scanners, and build concentration camps, but the US used to have open borders. https://www.pennlive.com/midstate/2015/11/vintage_photos_ellis_island_cl.html Americans say the only solution to recessions is to give billion dollar bailouts to bankers who commit fraud and give welfare to the lazy, but the US recovered from the Panic of 1893 without government action. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1990-11-18-fi-6604-story.html The government starts a problem and offers a solution. Why not avoid starting a problem in the first place? If the government starts a trade war that kills the economy and then offers bailouts, why not just avoid starting a trade war in the first place? If the government increases the minimum wage and regulations that kill businesses and raise prices and then offers welfare, why not just reduce the minimum wage and regulations? The government is not a holy god. The government is force. Why not allow the free market to handle problems? The private market and charities cannot provide disaster relief? The free market cannot provide medical care, delivery companies, railroads, airports, schools, fire departments, private mediation, and security companies? Do your shoes come from government shoe factories? Can't churches teach morals? Do you really trust the government to tell you what the truth is? Does the government spend your money better than you do? People don't have any personal responsibility? Can't you move away from people you don't like? Can't you save money to prepare for downturns? Can't Americans boycott products with cheap prices instead of begging for a trade war that kills the economy? Can't Americans quit low paying jobs, learn a skill, move to another city, or start a business instead of thinking a minimum wage will magically make them rich with no unintended consequences? Is tyranny something that only affects others, but not you? Are Americans retarded children? Didn't tyranny kill millions of people in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia? Think.
>>552 I know all of that my dude, Im 100% with you. In belgium, in the past decade, they had no government for a good year I think. And they kept working like a charm. We got a lot of other examples in europe, with different surfaces (states, cities, regions...). And the management of the current crisis is one of the best example of how the french government is retarded: At the start of the pandemic, we've been told that there was no problem with the covid. They told us we had a huge stock of masks. Then, in two days, they told us to get prepared to stay in containment for a month. Then when we asked where were the masks, they told us that they were useless, we didn't need them. Then, they put a law to make illegal the selling of masks. So companies had to find by themselves masks, while state hospitals had none. You can find that on internet, I'm not lying. Now they tell us that, soon, we're going back to work, but we're going to have to put masks. Like where the fuck do you want us to find them? I know any other political group would have done the same shit, even if they say "oh they're bad, we would have done that in their place", but they're liars. Even scientists aren't sure, so politics...heh. I'm not a communist nor a libertarian, I iust know they both want to get rid of the state.
Exactly. The US is having a nervous breakdown. No one seems to be aware that there might be unintended consequences from placing everyone under house arrest and killing the economy. Americans think this virus will go away in two months and then everyone can go back to work, but what if the virus still exists? Will a vaccine ever be invented? If you're scared of germs, why not just stay inside? Should you be forbidden from wearing a baseball hat because someone might be offended? Did the US shut down the economy when there were flu, measles, malaria, yellow fever, and Ebola outbreaks in the past? Should buses be banned because there is a slight chance that you might be hit by one? Will people who cannot go to the doctor now because everyone is under house arrest and hospitals are closed die because they can't find out if they have a tumor or not? Won't suicides soar because the economy is collapsing? Doesn't thrombosis kill people? How can you obey the law if masks and not wearing a mask is illegal? Won't banks go bankrupt when Americans who can't work can't pay their mortgages? Won't growing the debt to pay for welfare and bailouts lead to inflation? Won't the chance of a civil war increase when Americans are starving and outraged about the growth of the police state? Doesn't fresh air and sunshine kill germs? Doesn't being around people build up resistance and immunity? If people have a virus and fall down the stairs, will their cause of deaths be listed as an accident or the flu? If this virus is so dangerous then why are the Gestapo allowed to go outside? Sweden still has freedom, but why isn't everyone in Sweden dead now? Do Americans who hate freedom feel like traitors? How could Americans fight Communists and then become Communists? Didn't the Soviet Union fail? The government closes businesses and then makes work mandatory. Have Americans lost their minds?

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