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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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Anonyme 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:50:41 Id:a0992c No. 551
Ross William Ulbricht is still in jail.
Something very evil is happening. A few billionaires use the media to run stories 24/7 about the flu and then tell the politicians to make decrees that place everyone in the world under house arrest overnight and tell the Gestapo to enforce the orders. The 99% obediently obey the laws. You get the feeling that Americans would immediately shoot themselves in the head of the elites told them to. Madness. Doesn't anyone have critical thinking skills anymore? Soon there will be warrantless house searches. The Internet will be shut off. The US will become Communist. Americans will be required to attend daily Communist study sessions. Americans will either be starved to death in their homes or sent to concentration camps. Your life is over. Americans sheep enjoy slavery, but if you have goals, want to be a millionaire, and like to travel, life is a nightmare now. The globalists want the world to be impoverished, dependent on welfare, enslaved, and dead. Nazis and Commies think the Gestapo are holy gods and Americans are slaves. Libertarians think anyone who is not stealing or killing should be left alone.

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