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Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 11:06:27 Id:fce9b4 No. 609
This website is an echo chamber because everyone is awake, but many Americans still don't know what is happening. The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state. Americans don't seem to have a sense of urgency about the collapse. The collapse is not happening in a distant universe in the distant future. The collapse is happening right NOW. You don't have 30 years to prepare. Americans who are not mobile now are sitting ducks when the elites start the mandatory door to door blood DNA collection, virus testing, microchip implants, and vaccinations. Americans are easy to find when Americans have an address and the Gestapo come to confiscate your guns and send you to the concentration camps. The USA has passed the stage where nutjobs shoot up movie theaters and schools. Soon there will be organized resistance. The Gestapo will fire on protesters. Militias will become armies. The civil war might turn into a race war or a war between Nazis and Communists, but maybe the 99% will unite against the ruling powers. The curtain has fallen. Americans are under house arrest now. The US economy is a massive fraud. The economy is propped up by bailouts and subsidies. Companies will be nationalized. There are negative interest rates and banks no longer need to have capital reserves. Stocks are falling. Soon banks will fail and ATM machines will stop working. The Internet, electricity, and water will be shut off. There will be roving mobs of starving looters. Don't think tomorrow will be like today or yesterday. Save yourself. Buy guns, gold, food, and a sailboat now. Go Galt. Dropout. Don't pay taxes. Pass the word.
The civil war will start when the ATM machines, Internet, electricity, and water are shut off, cash is banned, Americans are forced to be microchipped, guns are confiscated, there are door to door warrantless home searches, cities are blocked off to stop food deliveries, the Gestapo fires on protesters, and the concentration camps open.
There are daily protests at every state capitol at 1 PM. Bring pitchforks and torches. Pass the word.

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