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Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 22:17:35 Id:093a46 No. 824
Everything is illegal, everyone is a criminal, everyone is under surveillance 24/7, and no one cares. Living in a police state means that you must live in dread of being arrested. You can't help feeling hopeless.
>>824 true.
Americans want to live in a police state because Americans hate personal responsibility. In a police state, you don't need to pay your debts. Food, housing, Obamaphones, and medical care are free. You can kill kids if the Gestapo tells you to. There are no morals because there are no churches. If you have a problem, you can just blame Trump, Russia, or the UN.
American insanity is just off the charts now. Americans say Saddam was a good guy. Americans say Nazis are evil, Commies are kind, and tyranny is wonderful. There are large neon signs saying that elites want the 99% dead and Americans say that they can't see them.
>>841 >There are no morals because there are no churches. This is wrong. Every tribal society on the planet lives in peace.
The state keeps you legal, but what keeps you moral?
>>848 I told you already
>>848 No the state is proven to be illegitimate.
The very same Americans who scream Libertarians are stupid then turn around and say Stalin was smart.
If Americans are ever released from house arrest, they should go out and immediately photograph their neighborhoods. The US will be reduced to rubble and look like Detroit by 2030 with burned out and bullet-pockmarked buildings. There is no stopping this shitshow now.

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